At least I think it is the first one.

Anyway- Here is my pitch for this coming quater.
I intend to be running a survival based Pathfinder game. The themes I intend to have within it are survival within a hostile environment with a superior enemy whilst continually building towards restoring the land and defeating the enemy, or allowing later groups to go on and do it.

Here is the premise.
“It has been three hundred years since the rift opened and the demon kind appeared. Three hundred years since our lady fell defending our lands whilst the kings left her for dead. Three hundred years since our cities were covered by sands, our knowledge lost and our people ravaged by the taint. But hope is not lost. There are rumours of those blessed by our lady, capable of removing the demons from our lands, restoring it to its former glory.”

I have a couple of ideas of where this could go. Just need the players for the quater.
Any interest?