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Hello everyone,

We’ve only got two more weeks until the start of the new quarter, so it’s time for those of you who’re wanting to run a game to let people know what they are.

Scott is again offering up his game set in a universe where Marvel and DC heroes coexist and both failed to prevent the end of the world. The campaign will follow the struggles and interpersonal conflicts of a group of survivors on space arks who will one day be the stars of stories children of today will tell their grandkids.

I will be continuing my Harn game from the first quarter of the year, but at the moment I have a full complement of players.

It looks as though we may only have around 16 people for this coming quarter. If we run our usual 4 games, this will be only three players per game. If we reduce to three games, this will mean that – with a fair distribution – two will have four players and one five. We need to bear this in mind.