Dark Heresy Campaign (2nd ed)                                                          Winter-Spring Quarter 2016

+++++ —-
Dear honoured friends

We invite you to attend the wedding of Lord Zaho of Leugin and Lady Kizuta of Suzakin.
This Celebration will be taking place upon Suzakin Secundus Later in the year. We would be honoured by the attendance of yourselves or a representative along with your most honourable retainers.
We welcome your presence at this declaration of peace between our two worlds and our further alliance together for the good of the Imperium.

In the name of the God- emperor I look forwards to your attendance.

Planetary Governor
Lord Kizuta Ryu

I will be running a Dark heresy campaign in the next quarter, with the synopsis above as a starting point.
There will be the standard six spaces available, But this sheet is just for interest before the quarter starts. (Sign up copy in club)

Homeworlds Available
Agricultural, Death, Feral, Feudal, Frontier, Garden, Forge, Highborn, Hive, Shrine, Void

Backgrounds available

Administratum, Abrities, Astra Telepathica, Mechanicus, Ministrom, Adepta Sortarias*, Mutant, Imperial Guard, Outcast

 Basic starting roles
Assassin, Chirugeon, Desperado, Hierophant, Mystic (Psyker)^, Sage, Seeker, Warrior, Fanatic, Penitent

Advanced Starting Roles
Battle Sister*, Psyker^

Worlds in the sector
Suzakin, Leguin, The Pendefig worlds, Estellin, Port Pardallius, Oracia, Rosaria, Pupellin, Kaizelich imperialis, Ilurech, Meindisch, Rhadau, Olion, Hendrif, Nostrasis, Lestis, Sulestrin,

If you are interested, comment here and sign up on sheet in club.