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Hello everyone,

Following on from Snowy’s post on Wednesday, and a conversation on Thursday evening with Dan, Nathan, Ashley and Rachel, I’d like for the next quarter to try a new approach to arranging games. The way we’re currently doing things is not working as well as I would like and I know that some of you are in agreement. Firstly, we tend not to hear anything from referees (myself included) until a couple of weeks out and sometime not until the first Thursday of the quarter, by which times some games are already full.

I would therefore like to propose the following:

Five weeks out from the end of each quarter I will create a post where anyone who would like to run a game should post a brief synopsis of the game system, setting, and the adventure or type of adventure that they have in mind. This doesn’t need to be a 1000 word essay, but should be enough for players to decide whether it’s of interest to them. It would also be useful to hear from anyone prepared to be a ‘reserve’ referee, in the event that there aren’t enough games submitted, or one or more submitted games do not generate sufficient interest.

Two weeks from the end of the quarter, I will add a poll to the site containing all the submitted games (thanks for the idea Rachel!), that all of you wanting to play should use to vote for your game of choice (and possibly a second choice). I will review the results and then contact all the referees to let them know the score. I’m hoping that this will make the whole process less confusing and frustrating, and fairer for all concerned.

At some point in the next few weeks I would also like for us to have a quick get-together to discuss room allocation.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you dislike with the proposal.