Hello everyone

I feel I might as well put my offers for the campaigns I would like to run over the next two running quarters for me.

Over this Quarter there are two that I would like to run, one is ready to go whilst the other will depend on my progress of putting it together

Campaign- Anwyld

  • The system chosen is up to the players, either BESM/Tri Stat or Pathfinder
  • This is a home made setting that is in development and is in need of expansion. It is low fantasy set in a world where most fantasy creatures have vanished, leaving just humans living in the ruins of their civilisation. Technology wise it is late roman to dark age technology
  • I will be writing a set adventure for this setting. However it will start in the Matriarchy of Anwyld
  • Looking for 3-6 player preferrably

Campaign- Forge your own path of darkness

  • Pathfinder
  • Pathfinder (D20 3.75)
  • Glorarion- the Pathfinder setting
  • This is an Evil campaign that starts in the Darklands/Underdark with the players playing as Drow or other evil creatures, being sent on a mission. there will be two main paths to begin with, but it is basically a free to roam sandbox campaign
  • Again 3-6

As per usual I will be taking the Spring/Summer quarter out for minature gaming.
My next two campaigns planned for the Summer/Autum will be a Sci-fi campaign where the players crash land on a planet, or another run of my superheroes setting, for which I have already some notes and ideas.