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Hello everyone,

It’s time to get new games and groups organised for the January to March quarter. As usual, if anyone has a game or games that they would like to run, please post a comment below this post briefly describing what you’re offering.

The basic information you should include:

  • Name of the RPG (if it’s a published one)
  • The system
  • The setting
  • The type of adventure (or the actual adventure) you want to run
  • Minimum / maximum number of players

Note: Snowy’s already posted what he would like to run in the entry below this one (https://harrogateroleplayers.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/my-offers-and-ideas-for-the-next-quarters/)

Let me know separately if you’re offering to be a reserve GM.

The cutoff will be Thursday, 22nd December, after which I will collect players’ preferences using Survey Monkey.