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Hello everyone,

Just to confirm that the games running this quarter are:

  1. Snowy’s Drow Pathfinder campaign (4 players currently)
  2. Scott’s Unusual Affairs Management Agency game (4 players currently)
  3. Theo’s Italian Renaissance-inspired fantasy playtest game (3 players currently)
  4. Rob’s Imperium in ruin Traveller game (3 players currently)

Snowy’s game can accommodate six players; Scott and Rob’s games 5; and Theo’s game 4; so there are still plenty of spots available.

In addition, Chris Dawson has a game he is keen to run (see below). If you are interested, let either myself or Chris know.

“The game is kind of a rules light RPG where you play as a Professional Wrestler. You pick a gimmick, make a PC, and then work to try and put on the best and most entertaining matches you can. You don’t compete to win, but more to tell the best story and have the best match you can. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the British Wrestling Alliance? Will you have the audience cheering your name, or drowning you out in boos? Can the person behind the wrestler deal with the backstage politics of the wrestling world?

No wrestling knowledge needed. The game is designed for both fans of wrestling, and fans of role-playing. Only thing required is 2d6.”