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Welcome to world 1313, you are currently entering a crossroads between worlds, a place where the lost find themselves.

Until 50 years ago this world has had close to no supernatural or superhuman activity. It appears that it is something that our world is unable to generate or create: relying instead on technology to grow: at least until the gates opened.

It was then they started to appear: individuals wandering from world to world, falling into the wide cities that lie scattered across the continents.

Characters will start as Students at thehe Ingeniousus Divinus Academy,
The academy is home to the majority of people that may be termed as Super-powered individuals. A majority of them arrive in their teens, requiring education and teaching of how to use their powers responsibly.
The organisation of the school is divided by powers and educational needs. To aid this there are several houses across the school, each catering to the powers of the different students

This is the second time this setting has been run and System used this time is Tri-Stat (BESM), so there should be a good vaiety of characters to be built.

Any interest please note below.