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My posts seem to have the alarming ring of repetition about them. However, that aside and without further ado:

Yes, it’s again that time when we look to new or returning games for the upcoming quarter. Four of you have so far said that you will be running or would like to run games.

  1. Cy will be running the fourth (is it fifth?) installment of his chart-topping World of Samsara game, but I think may already have a full complement of players.
  2. Snowy is offering up Starfinder (Pathfinder in space, for those of you that don’t know).
  3. Adam – our newest club member – is offering up SLA Industries.
  4. John is offering up Palladium Fantasy; some old school fantasy gaming possibly familiar to those of you that remember the 1980s.

I’ll leave it to each of the GMs to make a pitch for their games if they feel the need to. If anyone else would like offer up a game, just comment on this post.