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Hello everyone,

When I first moved the Club website to WordPress about 5 years ago, it was my intention to contribute regular blog posts on a variety of – primarily – roleplaying related topics. Having just gone back through my posts, I can see that my early optimism was misplaced, with the majority of the posts being simply a call for games in advance of a new quarter, or confirmation of the games being run for that quarter. Now, this may have been something to do with the birth of my daughter about four months prior to the website move, when I still had some lingering memory of having what now feels like all the free-time in the world. Happy days!

What does this mean? Well, I’m not going to commit to a sudden regular stream of blog posts. This isn’t because I haven’t got any free time, but because I’d rather be gaming (whether creating, running, or playing) than writing about gaming. Having said that, I would like to post more often than I have been doing.

What would be good is if other club members could contribute as well. Posts don’t have to be War & Peace: a paragraph or a few sentences is often more than enough to make a point and get a conversation started on a particular topic.

So if you have something to say about roleplaying – or gaming more generally – feel free to jot something down here.