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GM: Nick Green
Players: 4
System: Based on the recently released “Modern AGE” (by the producers of “Dragon AGE” and “Fantasy AGE”) but with some tweaks

Set in a near modern time when mankind’s supremacy on Earth is challenged by the arrival of supernatural monsters. You and your team are all that stands between a small town and the demonic forces of darkness. It’s a damn good thing you brought your powered armour and rail guns…

The campaign will be centered around a small scientific research facility in France near the border with Switzerland. You will be members of a team that has been hired by a secretive European organisation to demonstrate the capabilities of a new set of equipment designed for “urban defence and rescue”. Your diverse backgrounds will be based in policing, fire rescue and metropolitan search and rescue. Each of you have been involved in the design, testing and now demonstration of a unit and show time is approaching. If the backers of this project don’t like what they see, the last two years of your life will be an interesting but pointless footnote. The rest of the universe however had other plans and the world changes around you quickly, irrevocably, brutally. Left with no other choice, you will have to negotiate the parameters of your lives with a new world where humanity no-longer calls the shots, and our species is only one among many.

Tone: dark, serious, desperate
Magic: very low, mostly just creatures that don’t exist today
Science: today’s level or less, with some exceptions
Violence: high
Drama/conflict: high
Realism: medium/pulpy
Mystery/investigation: low