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Hello everyone.

We’re three weeks away from the end of the current quarter and so far the following games have been offered up:

1) Firefly (referee: Stewart). This is part 3 of an ongoing adventure. There may be a place available in this game: please post in the Slack workspace if you haven’t previously played in this adventure, but are interested in doing so.

2) DnD 5E- Kasora Oriental Campaign (referee: Snowy). Please speak to or message Snowy for more details.

3) Who You Gonna Call (referee: Cy). Ghostbusters themed game. Please speak to or message Cy for more details. **Update** After chatting with Cy last night, I can confirm that he would like to run the original Ghostbusters RPG from West End Games (1986). He is looking for three players, with a fourth slot available for new players.

4) At Rapier’s Point (referee: Matt). This is part 2 of an ongoing adventure, which will probably run for the next two quarters. The game is now full, although I am keeping a slot open for new players (only).

If anyone else is intending – or would like – to run a game next quarter, please post the details on the Slack workspace.

If you have any other queries, either grab me at the Club or message me.