Hi all,

This is a quick reminder that the AIRECON “Analog Gaming Festival” will be on in Harrogate at the Convention Centre from Friday, 8th March to Sunday, 10th March.

This is a great convention, so please go along, show your support, and have a great time!

Check out the website for more details:





Review Time


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Hello everyone,

I think the time has come for a review of how (and perhaps how often) we start new games. After another slightly painful first quarter game selection, I’ve come to the conclusion that the ‘beauty parade’ approach is not a particularly good way to determine which games will run. Part of the problem is the lack of certainty on the part of both referees and players: prospective referees will undoubtedly spend time preparing to run a game, only to find there’s a lack of interest; likewise, players gear up to play in a game only to find that it doesn’t run, or it’s oversubscribed.

I don’t think that there’s a perfect solution to this problem: we have a lot of players – some regulars, some less so – and it’s difficult to determine in advance of a new quarter who will be available and, even if they are, whether there will be a game they want to play in.

The question, therefore, is how do we get more certainly? One suggestion I’ve had is that games are offered up four weeks out from the start of a new quarter and a final decision regarding the games that will run and who’s in each game, is made in the final week of the quarter. It will be the responsibility of each referee to advertise their game and secure players by the final week. This is similar to the Survey Monkey approach we used for a little while, but puts the emphasis on referees and players to arrange things directly.

Another (possibly throwaway) suggestion, was to switch from quarters to ‘trimesters’, so that there are only three sessions in a year, reducing the amount of messing around and increasing the opportunity for longer games.

Now I may be the only one that thinks changes are needed. If so, we can carry on as before. However, if I’m not and anyone else has any ideas for improving things, leave a comment.






Sins Campaign Q4


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From Cy

Hi all just a quick note to say I am playing to make an offering to the Next quarter. Still trying to iron out a few things but as it stands.

System: sins. no knowledge of the system is required and role play over rules.

Style: horror, very dark souls/bloodborn esk

Setting: a alternate 1650 ish (post english civil war) with fantastical elements. a muskets and right of kings sort of thing

Kasora Campaign q4


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System DnD 5E

“It is currently a bare bones Oriental/Wuxia setting with several floating islands making up the continent of Kasora. I will focus on one country that has a more Japanese feel to it. I intend it to be DnD on Hard mode. There will be some horror elements to the campaign and I will leave the area largely as a sandbox. There are stories and problems players can find, but if left they can potentially become more difficult and problematic.”

New Games – Q4 2018 – Insight


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Using the 2014 (I know, very contemporary for me) generic Insight RPG system from Norway.

This is a d10 ability/skill based system, with skill combination options and an interesting take on combat movement.

A medium fantasy setting with a vaguely Nordic feel to it – yes there will be Trolls.

The player characters have been accepted as volunteer auxiliaries in one of the smaller Guilds. Their role is to help out when things get busy. Guess what, things just got busy!

Players – 3 to 4

New Quarter Game: Cataclysm


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GM: Nick Green
Players: 4
System: Based on the recently released “Modern AGE” (by the producers of “Dragon AGE” and “Fantasy AGE”) but with some tweaks

Set in a near modern time when mankind’s supremacy on Earth is challenged by the arrival of supernatural monsters. You and your team are all that stands between a small town and the demonic forces of darkness. It’s a damn good thing you brought your powered armour and rail guns…

The campaign will be centered around a small scientific research facility in France near the border with Switzerland. You will be members of a team that has been hired by a secretive European organisation to demonstrate the capabilities of a new set of equipment designed for “urban defence and rescue”. Your diverse backgrounds will be based in policing, fire rescue and metropolitan search and rescue. Each of you have been involved in the design, testing and now demonstration of a unit and show time is approaching. If the backers of this project don’t like what they see, the last two years of your life will be an interesting but pointless footnote. The rest of the universe however had other plans and the world changes around you quickly, irrevocably, brutally. Left with no other choice, you will have to negotiate the parameters of your lives with a new world where humanity no-longer calls the shots, and our species is only one among many.

Tone: dark, serious, desperate
Magic: very low, mostly just creatures that don’t exist today
Science: today’s level or less, with some exceptions
Violence: high
Drama/conflict: high
Realism: medium/pulpy
Mystery/investigation: low

A Few Thoughts


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Hello everyone,

When I first moved the Club website to WordPress about 5 years ago, it was my intention to contribute regular blog posts on a variety of – primarily – roleplaying related topics. Having just gone back through my posts, I can see that my early optimism was misplaced, with the majority of the posts being simply a call for games in advance of a new quarter, or confirmation of the games being run for that quarter. Now, this may have been something to do with the birth of my daughter about four months prior to the website move, when I still had some lingering memory of having what now feels like all the free-time in the world. Happy days!

What does this mean? Well, I’m not going to commit to a sudden regular stream of blog posts. This isn’t because I haven’t got any free time, but because I’d rather be gaming (whether creating, running, or playing) than writing about gaming. Having said that, I would like to post more often than I have been doing.

What would be good is if other club members could contribute as well. Posts don’t have to be War & Peace: a paragraph or a few sentences is often more than enough to make a point and get a conversation started on a particular topic.

So if you have something to say about roleplaying – or gaming more generally – feel free to jot something down here.






Games for the Summer Quarter 2018


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It’s Sci-Fi season!

Yes folks, the summer quarter at the Harrogate Roleplayers club looks like it is going to be wall-to-wall sci-fi. So grab your laser blasters (or M41A pulse rifles), fire up your starship engines and get ready for action!

What’s on Offer?

In addition to Chris Middleton’s ‘Star Wars: Edge of the Empire’ game (see Nathan’s post, below), there are now three four other games on offer:

Call of Cthulhu (Classic 1920s Setting)

GM: Alex
System: Call of Cthulhu, d100.
Players: Maximum 4 players.


GM: Stewart
System: Firefly, using the Cortex Plus system.
Players: 4 players, although 3 spots are already taken.

This a continuation of Stew’s game from a couple of quarters ago, but another player is very much welcome to join.

Space: 1889

GM: Rob
System: Space: 1889, using a custom d6 system.
Players: 4 players, although 2 spots are already taken.

Space: 1889 presents an alternate history in which certain discredited Victorian scientific theories were found to be true and have led to the development of new technologies. In the setting, Thomas Edison has invented an “ether propeller” which can propel ships through the “luminiferous aether” (the universal medium that permeates space, based on a now outdated scientific theory), and in 1870 traveled to Mars. There they discover that the planet is inhabited. By the time of the game’s setting in 1889, the great powers have used Edison’s invention to extend their colonies and interests to the inner planets of the solar system. Venus and Mars have been colonized by Great Britain, Germany, France, and Russia. Belgium has only colonized Mars and Italy has only colonized Venus whilst Japan and the United States maintain economic and scientific enclaves on Mars. There are no colonies or bases on the Moon. Only Great Britain maintains a (scientific) base on Mercury.


GM: Matt
System: To be determined. It won’t be the published rules though.
Players: 4 players (5 at a push), although 2 spots are already taken.

Although bearing the same name as Traveller, the two games have nothing in common. Traveller:2300 is a hard science-fiction game, set in the year 2300. Following a global economic and political collapse in the early years of the 21st century, mankind has managed to rebuild, returned to space and has begun the process of exploring and colonising nearby star systems. However, it is still early in mankind’s expansion into space, and exploration has reached little beyond 30 light years from Earth.

New Quarter Game: Stars Wars- Edge of the Empire

GM: Chris Middleton                                                                              System: Star Wars: Edge of the Empire                                              Players: 4 players, 5 tops

In a galaxy far, far away…….

It is a dark time for the galaxy and the Rebellion alike. Although rumours abound, through the galaxy, of the destruction of The Empire super weapon, known as The Death Star. This has enabled the Empire to tighten its grip on the galaxy, even extending their reach to the Outer Rim of the galaxy.

Imperial troops have driven the Rebel forces from their hidden base and pursued them across the galaxy.

The evil Emperor Palpatine has setup a new elite Order with the remit of finding and killing the remaining Jedis, as well as hunting key personnel working for the Rebellion in secret. The ruthless efficiency and blind devotion of these sinister agents have driven many Jedi into hiding, or seeking the help of outlaws on the edge of the rim. While the reach and effectiveness of the rebellion’s secret agents across the galaxy are being decimated with mercenary precision.

However, some brave Rebellion spies have managed to infiltrate the High Command of the Imperial Fleet and retrieved a devastating weapon that will surely turn the tide of battle against the remorseless Imperial Armada, at the cost of their lives.